Friday, January 23, 2009

Fruit Roll-ups

I made fruit roll-ups yesterday. These actually have fruit in them (unlike their storebought cousins...) They turned out pretty good, except a little sticky, probably could have dried them out a little more, but I needed my oven for something else...
After reading a lot of recipes, they were all pretty much the same:

Fruit Roll Ups

2 Cups Fruit Puree (from fresh, frozen or canned)
Lemon Juice
Spice (cinnamon, nutmeg, etc.) if desired
Vanilla (of desired)

1. Heat oven to 150.
2. Puree your fruit (if it has lots of seeds, like the frozen bag of mixed berries that I used did, you can put it through a mesh strainer, to get some of them out) add honey, lemon juice (to prevent browning) sugar as needed, and any spices or extracts you want. If using fresh fruit you may need to add a little water.
3. Bring this mixture to a boil, and then simmer until very thick, as thick as you can get it. (took me about 45 minutes) stir occasionally.
4. Pour onto a silicone mat if you have one (or you could use heat resistant plastic wrap) and spread very thin- about 1/8 inch evenly.
5. Put in oven and let dry out, with the oven cracked atleast 2 inches. You need room for steam to escape! your fruit roll up should be still pliable but not sticky. This took me about 7 hours. Let cool and cut into shapes, or rolls, roll up in plastic wrap and store in airtight container.

I'm going to experiment with these with different fruits, and possibly toppings like coconut.

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  1. I've seen these around too, it has to be better for the kids than the store bought stuff